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I am a Photographer.

I do not take them, capture them, or snap them, I do what I do to see the world differently and to show others what I see and feel, and yes it really did look like that when seen through my eyes, mind and heart.

The tools of my craft are my camera and a lens, but the tools of my art are passion and vision.

It is not how we make photographs that matters, but what we make of them. Megapixels are no way to measure a photograph they are irrelevant to the pursuit of beauty and authenticity. I strive to create deeper photographs, honest photographs that are alive, not merely really big or really sharp.

My photographs should be magic images in the hearts and minds of others. Comparing myself to others or them to me, is a waste of my creative efforts and makes it harder to see the light, chase the wonder, and do my work. There is too much to see and create to waste these too few moments.

Art is not a competition, but a gift. I believe photography can change the world because it has done so for me. I believe photography opens my eyes to a deeper life, one that recognises moments and lives them deeper for being present in them.


I have many more images than are displayed on the website, so if you have a particular requirement please contact me.

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